Every time I sign into any social media platform, someone has an opinion on the fate of voice. It’s either the prospect we all deserve from the technology at our fingertips, or it’s another fad that will come and go. The overriding conversation is the issue with the user experience around voice. How it’s too public, too vague, too nuanced, a general feeling that people will not take to it. It’s too futuristic and frightening for the average person to interact with regularly. All of those points might very well be true, but I take issue with the idea of why we accept that.

Throughout the digital evolution, we have led to a myriad of technologies that would “never be adopted” for whatever logic at the time. The fact is that at every turn, there have been calls with the UX because humans are, by state, bad at change. The thing that overcomes those challenges is the function, which is the real issue right now.

Voice is the most straightforward method with which modern humans communicate, so much so that we often talk to ourselves to get to a resolution. But the reason behind using voice is the speed, ease, and accuracy with which we can access data. Not to consider the bonus of being able to multi-task with the devices that are stuck to our hands. So while we prophesize on all the reasons that voice will or won’t work, I urge us all to look at the real reason for its success or failure: artificial intelligence.